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by Eric Pena on June 7, 2008

First of all, welcome to my new blog!

So, this is my first entry as a newbie to blogging outside of the comforts of Creating a blog that you can have control of, from editing and creating themes to monetizing it, is not as difficult as I initially thought. It is rather a pleasant challenge. And note, you don’t need to spend much too! Well, I guess that will be for another topic. There is one important point I’d like to stress though, and that is preserving what you have from your old blog—posts, comments, incoming links, search engine caches—to your new blog site without re-creating everything from scratch. Backing-up and restoring all your files is easy using the built-in Import and Export function of both and the WordPress open source. Getting your old and new visitors and subscribers to your new site on a new domain is tricky.

I read blogs of other people on the subject and most of them say that blogs can’t be redirected to other blogs on a different domain even when you use the open source blog from Most have suggested to place a large sign on your old homepage with a link to your new website. Well, I found out that the limitation isn’t entirely true. You can redirect your site to other domains… but with a cost, precisely $10 per year. Not much if I may say so and it works! I found this out from BlogWell. You can also download the PDF document directly here.

Indeed, the procedure, if you follow the document exactly, really works. Anyone who goes to your old site will automatically be re-directed to your new site (e.g. typing on your browser will open the website.). A word of caution though. I found out 2 days later that there was a problem with existing links to my posts from other sites or coming from search engines.

Different Link Post Formats

You see, the default links created by for each post has this format:

Example (a):“.

On the other hand, the blogging program (at least for ver. 2.5.1) has this default format:

Example (b): "".

So clicking on an old link as example (a) above will convert the domain name and look for a URL that says:“.

The result is a page error and losing visitors to your site.

To fix this problem, you need to change the default format in the blogging program to “Day and name” from:

wp-admin -> settings (or options for other versions) -> permalinks

That should bring back all those people clicking on old links to your old posts in your new blog domain!

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