How to Watch Hi-Res YouTube Videos Online

by Eric Pena on June 17, 2008 · 1 comment

in Tips,Video

Ok, so there is this nice Fathers Day video on YouTube that shows every father’s ultimate toys–Lambos and Ferraris–being pulled-over by cops. Sad thing is, just like most YouTube videos, it’s like watching old silent movies with sound. There is actually a neat trick that you can use to make these videos look much better. Just add “&fmt=6″ to the end of the video URL.

Here’s a regular YouTube Video:

Here’s the same video with the “&fmt=6″ added to the URL:

Videos that are already optimized will no longer benefit from this trick. It’s not HD, but hey, at least you can now view your favorite YouTube videos on a different light.

Warning: When making your own home videos for YouTube, check your nose in the mirror first!

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