How to Watch Hi-Res YouTube Videos Online

by Eric Pena on June 17, 2008

Ok, so there is this nice Fathers Day video on YouTube that shows every father’s ultimate toys–Lambos and Ferraris–being pulled-over by cops. Sad thing is, just like most YouTube videos, it’s like watching old silent movies with sound. There is actually a neat trick that you can use to make these videos look much better. Just add “&fmt=6” to the end of the video URL.

Here’s a regular YouTube Video:

Here’s the same video with the “&fmt=6” added to the URL:

Videos that are already optimized will no longer benefit from this trick. It’s not HD, but hey, at least you can now view your favorite YouTube videos on a different light.

Warning: When making your own home videos for YouTube, check your nose in the mirror first!

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