iPhone Crashes Wi-Fi Network Intermittently

by Eric Pena on October 18, 2015

Recently, my home Internet connection has been dropping every few minutes, and to help fix it, my service provider (Globe Telecom) replaced my router. It worked, but unfortunately, the problem re-occurred a few munites after the technician left. Being a weekend, I tried doing my own troubleshooting. I then realized this problem only happens when I’m at home, either at night or on weekends.

So I tried turning off the wi-fi connection from my MacBook Pro while connecting other devices to the internet using wi-fi. Same problem: my router’s Internet LED light turns red (dropped connection) from blinking green and cycles every few minutes. It’s not my MacBook Pro.

Next, I turned off wi-fi from my iPhone 6 Plus. Sure enough, wi-fi connection on other devices including my MacBook Pro stayed up. My iPhone is the culprit. I read this also happens to other iPhone models.

If you Google this issue, you’ll hit a lot of articles with possible solutions on how to fix the problem. Unfortunately, you have to do trial and error and see what works for you. Sometimes, the answer is not in the articles themselves but in the comments section. To make the long story short, I solved my problem by changing the wi-fi security mode settings on the router.

If your router’s wi-fi security mode is WEP or WPA, change it to WPA2 or its derivatives (mine is WPA2PSK).

Security mode

Restart your iPhone and connect to wi-fi (enter your wi-fi password when asked). This fixed my problem. I hope it solves yours too!

Hint: Some routers provided by ISPs don’t allow for admin access, which means you can’t configure your router settings. This is true for me. But you can find almost anything on the Internet including your router’s admin access username and password. :)

So if your ISP is Globe Telecom and you have an Aztech DSL5018EN (or something close) router, you can use this to log in:

username: admin
password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e


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