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Post image for Mac Migration Assistant: Using an Ethernet Cable to Transfer Files Between Computers

M y company gave me a new 2010 Macbook Pro and I needed to transfer all the files from my old 2007 Macbook Pro. There are several ways I can do this: Use Migration Assistant with a FireWire cable. Use Migration Assistant with a USB cable (and an External USD HD Enclosure). Restore from a […]


Post image for How to Sync your iPhone to a New computer without deleting your iPhone Apps

I have been asked a few times by friends how to sync their iPhones to another (or a new) computer without having iTunes delete the apps they already have on the iPhone. Well, the answer is quite simple really. Connect your iPhone to the new computer SInce you are connecting your iPhone to the computer […]


Social Media Icon

For the social media savvy, use your email to let people follow you on the Social Web by adding your social media channels in your email signature. For Apple Mail: Step 1. Gather your favorite social media icons 1. Search for your favorite icons on the web and download them to your computer. 2. Upload […]


Post image for Facebook’s New Simplified Privacy Controls [Video]

Facebook began the roll-out of its new simplified privacy controls after the backlash it has generated from FB users worldwide–even landing them on the cover of Time magazine. Privacy issues started to crop up when Facebook changed their privacy model from “regional networks”, that revolves around communities for your school, your company or your region, […]


You don’t know the real value of something until you lose it. If you use the in Mac as much as I do, then you’re sure to notice something’s wrong with it. The scroll bar isn’t displayed on the right-side of the Dictionary window when viewing Wikipedia articles. I noticed this a few days […]


PwnageTool 3.1

Read First: This tutorial is for those who already have a jailbroken iPhone OS 3.0 and upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1. If you have the first generation iPhone (2G), you can use this tutorial to jailbreak and unlock your phone. If you have an iPhone 3G, you can use this guide to jailbreak only. Then […]


Snow Leopard

In my last post, “MacBook Pro Hard Drive: S.M.A.R.T. is Failing!”, I discussed how I backed up and replaced my MacBook Pro hard disk that is about to fail using SuperDuper over a networked PC, a Phillips and Torx screwdrivers, and a simple video tutorial. This time, I will show you how I restored the […]

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