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The Green Fields of France

by Eric Pena on July 15, 2009

First time I heard this song and it touched me; after all, I did have my fair share of fighting a senseless civil war. Watch the video on the right (if you can’t see it, click here) and follow with the lyrics below. The Green Fields Of France How do you do young Willie Mcbride, […]


“Solving Poverty” Button Design Contest

by Eric Pena on September 23, 2008

PSDTUTS has launched a “Solving Poverty” Button Design Contest in connection with the Blog Action Day 2008 theme—Poverty. The contest aims to raise awareness about the issues surrounding global poverty, and empower designers to make a positive difference in the world.


Crossroads: Pacquiao Meets De La Hoya

by Eric Pena on September 10, 2008

Eleven days before his 30th birthday, a bigger Manny Pacquiao will face a much bigger opponent that will make him a rare underdog in his 53rd professional fight spanning 13 years. In January 1995, while this obscure and skinny 17 year old Filipino was fighting his first professional match as a Light Flyweight (106 lbs), […]


The much talked about new ad from Microsoft has not yet reached our local networks (I doubt if it will even be shown here), but no thanks to the Internet, it made me watched a commercial intently quite a few times. The thing is, that ad doesn’t let you easily get the message and is […]


Your iPhone or Your Life?

by Eric Pena on June 26, 2008

For some people, the iPhone has taken away their lives. Make sure it doesn’t happen literally. A surveillance video inside a bus in Columbus, OH, caught on tape a hooded teen lunging on a man who was wearing headphones and beating him up when he tried to hang on to his iPhone. Interestingly, nobody tried […]


I recently came across two old documentary films about the place of my birth. Watching these movies were like traveling back in time but never quite leaving from where I am. 70 years ago, those people were living their lives, unsure of what the future may bring. Those were people who have been released from […]


The Piano

by Eric Pena on August 26, 2007

Our beautiful house in Cubao, where I grew up, was finally sold. It will be turned into a paper factory. As long as I do not return to #47 16th Avenue, the same house shall remain as is in my memory. That is how I want it to be. My father who is now enjoying […]


Mind Over Matter of Fact

by Eric Pena on January 13, 2007

It’s already January 2007 and I haven’t touched my Wacom since my last post back in October. Am I losing my new found passion faster than I learned painting in Photoshop? Hopefully not. The main reason is too much office work or what I would like to convince myself. Maybe, if I just plug-in my […]

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