Your iPhone or Your Life?

by Eric Pena on June 26, 2008

For some people, the iPhone has taken away their lives. Make sure it doesn’t happen literally.

A surveillance video inside a bus in Columbus, OH, caught on tape a hooded teen lunging on a man who was wearing headphones and beating him up when he tried to hang on to his iPhone. Interestingly, nobody tried to do something and stop the attack… not even the driver of the bus.

This is nothing new in my country. Many passengers in buses, jeepneys and tricycles have become victims of public transportation robberies, some mercilessly killed while trying to hang on to their valued possessions. The usual targets are cellphones, bags, jewelries and sometimes laptops. Robbers usually work in teams, some acting as lookouts to watch for anyone who will try to help other passengers. Deployed policemen in civilian clothes inside these transportations have not deterred these crimes and some resulted in shootouts inside the buses. I always tell my children that nothing is worth hanging on to except their lives.

So, luckily for this guy on the video, he was only beaten up and still end up holding his precious iPhone.

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