Waiting for the iPhone 2.0 Hack

by Eric Pena on July 13, 2008

The iPhone 2.0 has just been launched in some parts of the world and the lucky ones patiently fell in line and came out of the Apple Store with a spanking, shiny new phone. Although there were some scary moments of getting an iBrick instead, due to activation problems, the momentary glitched was resolved before customers can even start throwing their high-tech paperweights at hapless Mac Geniuses. Well and good, at least now they can surf in 3G and use their phones to remote control their Macs even though they’re stuck with AT&T.

What about the poor guys whose countries aren’t the favorite markets of Jobs? Seems like it’s getting harder to buy from abroad without signing up contracts with Apple favored telcos. One option is to wait for a local iPhone launch. But when? Nobody knows. The other, is to make do with the iPhone 1.0 but at least upgrade to the 2.0 firmware and do the three finger shove–jailbreak, activate and unlock. Well now, the 2.0 update can be downloaded and installed through iTunes. But making it work on a non-Apple favored telco and enjoy the plethora of third-party apps available via Installer is not there yet–at least not this weekend according to the iPhone Dev Team. So how about Zibri and his Ziphone app? For now, you can at least listen and sing along with his Last.fm playlist while waiting.

iPhone Dev Team PwnageTool 2.0 Video

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