Tutorial: How to Boost the Volume of iPhone OS 3.0

by Eric Pena on July 11, 2009

iPhone Volume Ringer

Note: There’s a new Volume Boost app in Cydia from ModMyi.com that they integrated with their popular Winterboard app. I tried it but I didn’t notice any change. So I just reinstalled the one from Fishbone’s and everything’s good again.

Prior to iPhone OS 3.0, iClarified has always added an app in Cydia called Volume Boost specific to your iPhone firmware version. However, if you have updated to iPhone 3.0, you may have found out that iClarified hasn’t released yet their Volume Boost 3.0. Their last version is Volume Boost 2.2.0 which will not work in iPhone 3.0.

Fortunately, there is another developer that filled the gap and came up with something called–yup, you guessed it– “Volume Boost 3.0”.

Here’s what you should do:

Step 1. On your jailbroken iPhone, open Cydia, tap Manage and then Sources. Tap the Edit and then Add buttons above. Add the source http://fishbone.ge.


Step 2. In the list of sources, tap fishbone and scroll down and tap Volume Boost (3.0).


Step 3. Tap the Install button and then Confirm.


Step 4. After the installation has been completed, tap on the Return to Cydia button.


Step 5. Reboot.

While I noticed only a slight increase in the volume of the iPhone speaker, there is a much noticeable difference when using the headset.

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