The Easiest Way to Jailbreak and Unlock an iPhone 4

by Eric Pena on August 30, 2010

iPhone 4

Finally, I’m able to jailbreak and unlock an iPhone again after months of watching from the sidelines as new model iPhones with enhanced operating systems were rolled out by Apple. You see, I’m still stuck with my old First Gen iPhone. Too bad, the latest and greatest iOS4 isn’t backward compatible with mine, so it looks like I’ll be stuck with my OS 3.1.2!

A friend who bought an iPhone 4 in the US asked me to jailbreak and unlock it for her so she can use it in the Philippines. I have been following the jailbreaking scene despite sticking to my old iPhone, so I know the best method currently is from JailbreakMe by Comex, and I was eager and excited to try it out!

Previously, both jailbreaking and unlocking requires connecting your iPhone to a computer, downloading several files from the Internet and following certain manual procedures which makes it a bit difficult for the not so tech savvy. Today, both jailbreak and unlock can be done automatically from the device itself.

How to jailbreak using JailbreakMe

The first thing to do is to check the iOS version of your iPhone 4. JailbreakMe only works with iOS versions 4.0.1 or 4.0.0. Second, backup your iPhone by syncing with iTunes on your computer.

  1. Open the Safari Browser on your iPhone 4.
  2. Enter on the address bar of Safari and press Done.
  3. To begin the jailbreak, simply move the slider to the right.
  4. JailbreakMe

  5. Wait for the download* and jailbreak process to finish.
  6. Downloading

  7. Press the OK button.
  8. OK

  9. Press the Home button. The Cydia app should now be on your screen.
  10. Home

Congratulations, your iPhone 4 has been jailbroken.

Note: If you’re stuck in the Download screen (should only take a few minutes), simply cancel and restart again (or reboot if necessary) as the JailbreakMe server may be busy and getting a lot of requests.

How to unlock using UltraSn0w

  1. Launch Cydia from your iPhone Springboard.
  2. Cydia

  3. Press on the Manage button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Press on the Sources button.
  5. Manage

  6. Press to select the from the list.*
  7. Ultrasn0w Repo

  8. Press to select ultrasn0w.
  9. Ultrasn0w

  10. Press the Install button on the upper-right of the screen.
  11. Install

  12. Press Confirm.
  13. Confirm

  14. After completing the installation, press on the Reboot Device button.
  15. Reboot Device

  16. Power off your device by holding down the power button for 3 seconds and moving the slider to the right.
  17. Press the power button to turn on your device.
  18. Insert the SIM of your choice.

Note: If the ultrasn0w repo is not available from the list, you need to add it manually by pressing Edit, then Add, and enter in the url, then press Add Sources.

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1 TrangTT January 14, 2011 at 4:02 am

Good new for me!

2 The Way Things Work January 22, 2011 at 11:38 am

Hi, would you happen to know if this method also works for the iPod Touch 4g? Thanks!

3 Peter John Hain April 19, 2011 at 1:47 pm

this post is really interessting. i got an iPod 3G and going to jailbreak it. -Dealies Philippines :-)

4 Emacblog March 12, 2012 at 11:13 pm

See this YouTube video about how to jailbreak iPhone 4S IOS 5.0.1 on your computer:

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