3G iPhone Screws!

by Eric Pena on July 8, 2008

Apple products are the gold standard in consumer electronic design. Their product designs have received numerous awards from the Industrial Design Excellence Awards or IDEA. Apple’s design philosophy is, “less is more”, simplicity of design being the Holy Grail. Even Microsoft singled out the Apple iPod on their Microsoft Design Center website as “a beautiful and sensual consumer product”. I am now looking at my MacBook Pro while typing this blog and I can’t help but still be amazed by the simplicity, quality and beauty of this piece of hardware. There is not one bit of metal, glass or plastic that seems to be out of place. Beside me is my almost one year old iPhone and again the design still blows away all mobile phones currently thrown at it by its competitors.

So I was a bit surprised when I viewed Apple’s iPhone 3G Guided Tour on their website and noticed the new iPhone has screws on it! What the…?? If screws were placed there, then there must be a good reason for it. Some people think that Apple has listened to their customers and will now allow them to replace the battery on their own. No more forcing iPhone users to send their devices back to Apple and have the battery replaced for $86. But then again, maybe not. But whatever the reason is, being screwed is not a big deal for many people… unless it prevents hackers from getting it unlocked.

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