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Facebook Facts [infographic]

by Eric Pena on June 16, 2010 · 4 comments

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Here are some not so well known facts about Facebook from

Facebook: Facts You Didn't Know
Via: Online MBA

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  • Rw5077

    Wow…it’s amazing how big facebook has gotten. And I used to think it was so stupid and useless!

  • Computer Services

    This article is underselling Facebook.
    It’s currently valued at $50Bn.

  • Guest

    It is not a myth that Facebook stores your information even after you deactivate your account. I deactivated my account (not before deleting some photos after I found out that they more or less ‘own the rights’ to whatever photos you upload) and then later on reactivated my account once I realised that you really needed to be on Facebook to control the content (since everyone else on it may be posting information about you) out there. But once I reactivated my account, photos that I had deleted reappeared, as well as their comments.

    So be warned, it isn’t a myth, Facebook DOES keep your data even after your account is ‘deactivated’. There is no option to actually remove yourself (and your stuff) permanently. If there is one, please post it.

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