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Cinemagraphs: What we’ll see a lot in Facebook soon

by Eric Pena on February 19, 2015

First, Facebook told us photos achieve higher organic reach better than other post types. Recently, videos seem to be Facebook’s choice in filling-up our newsfeeds. Now, Facebook has developed a love affair with photos that only show subtle movements (filtering the noise in videos) to better catch our attention. This combination of photo and video is called Cinemagraph—the evolution of the animated gifs—and has shown to generate five times more clicks than photos and videos. So yes, we’ll see a lot of them on our newsfeeds soon both as posts and ads.

Better learn and sharpen your skills now.


Here are more cool examples:

Quick tutorials:

There are also tools to make your life easier. Flixel Cinemagraph Pro is free for the iPhone and $99 for the Mac.

Hint: Best to have a tripod or firm support for your camera when capturing your videos.


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