Almost did not make it!

by Eric Pena on October 1, 2006


Finally submitted my Wacom contest entry last Wednesday night. Lucky me! The next day we were hit by the strongest typhoon in 11 years aptly named “Milenyo” or “Millenium”. Power was cut-off in the whole of Luzon area. We were the lucky ones who got our electricity back the next day. Others still do not have power up to today, 4 days after the storm. However I just got back my internet connection an hour ago.

Before that however, I was anxious as I have not received notification from Wacom whether they have received and accepted my entry. The submission deadline was supposed to have ended yesterday. Now after checking Wacom’s website, I finally found my artwork displayed in the gallery with several new ones relegating my piece to the next page. Turns out my fear was unfounded, as displayed prominently next to the last entry is an announcement extending the submission deadline to October 4, 2006!

You can check the contest gallery here:

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