by Eric Pena on October 8, 2006

Despite finally completing my Fiesta Fever artwork after working on it for a month, I feel that I still have plenty to learn. Now, without any competition to push myself beyond my comfort zone, I began to start taking it easy once again. I was contented on reading and looking at the artworks of other artists online hoping their skills will just rub on me. Of course that’s not the way how things work. Well, the good thing that happened after the storm was that I only got back my internet connection two days after I got back my electricity. No web means no browsing on CG and design sites. It was an opportunity to open Photoshop once again and listen to my Gnomon training videos.

This time I followed the tutorial of Scott Robertson on doing industrial designs particularly on rendering concept bikes. After using a standard hard round brush in Fiesta Fever, now I began using solely the airbrush. Using Scott’s example bike sketch, I began tracing it with the pen tool and rendered it using an airbrush. Although not as detailed as Scott’s example, I completed my work in 2 days, the same time I got my internet connection back.

Hope you like it!


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